Constitution Day

Front row, left to right:  Helen Watts, Sec; Kathy Smith, Chair; Pam Fullmer, Vice-Chair, Gerald Hasty, Treasurer
Back row, left to right: Tami Daich, Debbie ToltonCathy Whiting, Michele LeMmon, Doug McGregor, Ricky Hatch

The Constitution Day Committee of Utah hosts an event annually on or near September 17th to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787.  Its purpose is to unite our community in a celebration of and appreciation for the Constitution of the United States, to inspire Constitution study groups and clubs, and to encourage action by adults and youth to protect the Constitution.

The Constitution Day Committee was created in 2006 by Layton City Council member Kathy Smith and a group of Davis County residents who wanted to put Constitution Day on the map and in the hearts of youth. Events at schools and outdoor venues followed.

In 2010, the CDC partnered with acclaimed musician and songwriter, Lex de Azevedo and the Millennium Choir to present an extravaganza of song and storytelling at the Utah State Capitol. 

The following year, in 2011, the Constitution Day Committee presented David Barton, historian and author of many books on the Founders and the Constitution including "The Bulletproof George Washington". Over 1,100 people attended this memorable evening at the Davis Conference Center.

In 2012, the CDC partnered with Utah's Freedom Conference to present a full-day seminar at the University of Utah Guesthouse and Conference Center in Salt Lake City. Topics included reclaiming our Western lands, the Constitutional sheriff, sound money, states' rights and religious freedom. Congressmen and legislators discussed Utah's Legal Tender Act and Utah's Transfer of Public Lands Act.

In 2013, the CDC presented Mr. Stan Ellsworth, host of KBYU's popular series, American Ride, and Miss Audrea Taylor from San Diego, California, the founder of an organization that is sweeping the country at www.im2moro.  Stan and Audrea's messages on restoring America's government to Constitutional principles were well received and audience members were delighted when both speakers stayed after the program for over an hour to sign autographs. 

Last year, in 2014, the CDC presented for the Trapper Trails Council the first-ever Liberty Trek on September 5-6 at Fort Buenaventura. Over 1,200 Boy Scouts plus their leaders learned about public and private virtue and the pillars of liberty from George Washington and many other founding fathers, portrayed in full colonial dress by local actors. On September 17, the CDC hosted Pastor Dan Fisher of Oklahoma who addressed Utah's legislators at a special luncheon at the Utah State Capitol Rotunda. That evening, Pastor Dan Fisher presented "Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment to an appreciative audience in Ogden.

For information about joining with the Constitution Day Committee of Utah to celebrate and honor the U.S. Constitution in 2015, please contact Kathy Smith at